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Welsh Sound, LLC values our relationship with our clients. When you hire us, you're getting a team that will listen to you and work to meet your needs. 

Live Events

We have experience with live events of all sizes. Our Live Events division offers sound reinforcement, lighting, and staging for both indoor and outdoor events.


  • Large multi-day festivals 

  • Corporate events

  • Unique worship events

  • Indoor and outdoor events

  • Concerts of all types


A/V Install

We specialize in the installation of quality equipment that will serve the needs of the venue, the budget, and is designed for expansion to extend the life of the install.  We handle indoor and outdoor installs including gymnasiums, houses of worship, theatres, sports fields, fairgrounds, and much more.


  • Sound Reinforcement/Playback

  • Video Projection and Display

  • Hearing Assistance Systems

  • Large Area Paging Systems

  • Theatrical Lighting and Control

  • Theatrical Curtains and Rigging

Rentals, Sales, and Service

20 years in the business of live events has allowed us to accquire quite a selection of equipement.  We offer both single-piece gear and multi-piece packages for rent.  From a single mic and speaker for an event in your backyard, to a band PA, to chain motors, truss, and moving lights, we provide affordable rentals.


We also carry dealerships for many pro-level sound, lighting, and rigging companies if you are looking for individual purchase.  

  • Shure

  • McCauley

  • JBL

  • BSS

  • QSC

  • Yamaha

  • Sennheiser

  • Milos Truss roof

  • Thomas Truss

  • Chauvet 


Sadly, gear breaks.  While quality gear will last a long time, damages happen. We can often repair your equipement at our local shop or facilitate manufacturer service if needed.

Interested in hiring us? Want to learn if we offer what you're looking for? Let's Talk.​
Other Services

  • Custom Cables and Snaking

  • Custom Cabinetry and Cases

  • Education and Training

  • Dance Floor Installation 

  • Box Office Consulting



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